What Is Kelantan Pony?

Making a horse as a pet in Negeri Kelantan Darulnaim is part from folklore Kelantan. Almost all places in Kelantan have been persons that preserve or farm horse. Estimated more from 1000 horse from broad variety, horse breed or race stay in State Of Kelantan.

Horse Brief History In Kelantan.
Horse history in the state of kelantan not so obvious, record there was no reason early of horse breeding in State Of Kelantan. Horses that there were in Kelantan average measuring 14 hands or height of about 4 feet.
These horses originally bring encroached kelantan from Tanah Jawa, Sumatra or Siamese. Believed that this horses history may be are descended from Arabia's horse and India whose brought pedangan trader early times. Part from this horses import to Malaya especially in Kelantan through Siamese and his breed is breed 'Wild Asiatic' From Mongolian.
That is why if perceived by art, we can see of physical and tempremental of this horse, we can see clearly different some feature among a horse with the others about. Occasionally Kelantan pony seems like Arab at horse face and body seem like an Asia's horse. Furthermore partly face look like a nomad horse with a claw little feet and body smart like Arabic.

Among advantage Kelantan's horse is:
1. Robust
2. Less diseased with endurance powerful ones
3. Not easy wound
4. Durable with wet weather or hot
5. Good tempermen
6. Intelligent good
7. Eat grass
8. Good for endurance
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